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My tarot course is the perfect blend of realistic time expectations, tapping into your own intuition through daily practices, learning the traditional symbolisms and meanings of the cards, how to give a reading, how to properly monetize giving readings, how to read in integrity, and more.

What they're saying about Careen of Cups

It was the best reading I have ever received! It was like Careen’s beautifully powerful intuitive energy was delivered in the form of a beautiful gentle vibration that I wasn’t only heating the words but receiving it on the Soul level with all of my chakras. I wrote back to her right away although I was pretty much speechless .. as she miraculously read off absolutely everything from my space and even the smallest details and things nobody else knew. I am so thankful for Her in The Universe and that She and Higher Power had brought us together
Kate Soden
Thank you so much Careen. That was a real gift that cut deep. I brought up an anger that maybe I shouldn’t have - but I don’t talk about so I feel like it got brought into the light for healing and lifting. That is deep and huge “surgery” and I hope u aren’t exhausted but I am so incredibly grateful!!!! I can feel a difference in me and something shifted. My soul needed that healing.
How Careen was so divinely placed into my life is all the reason I needed to begin working with her. Her comforting presence and energy is truly a gift. She showed up for me, but in turn taught me how important it is to show up for myself. Careen, being her pure, authentic, and genuine self, created a safe space to share my truth and guided me to see that the light I've been reaching for has been within all along. It's hard to put the experience into words, but it is absolutely everything I didn't know I needed and came at the perfect time - as everything always does. Thank you for sharing your light and helping me to see mine.
Maggie M
The You Are The Light Mentorship was everything I needed and more. What a beautiful, expansive, and safe environment to explore ones spiritual awakening and gifts. This experience was what I needed to break through. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.
Kate Jude
Thank you so much for the readings you do, I always find them uplifting and I am happy to be a subscriber to the membership.
Carolina Escobar
I want to say that I loved my candle "Your Power". The scent is wonderful and I feel relaxed at smelling/burning it. Thank you for taking great care in packaging it, it arrived in perfect condition.
Working w/ Careen transformed my life in more ways than I can describe. She was the kick-a** no BS mentor I needed. She tells it like it is & used her channeling abilities to relay the messages my soul needed. Through working with her, I was able to recognize my own Light within. I was shown that I can create the life l've always dreamed of. During our time together, I took the leap of faith I wanted to take years ago. I booked time at a studio to photograph clients! I was in awe at how accurate her intuitive abilities were. During distance reiki, the messages she received from each of my chakras were unreal. I was speechless at how in tune she was. I would recommend this mentorship to every person who is looking to grow exponentially in a short amount of time. The tools I have learned in 4 weeks, are ones I will use for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful to have connected with Careen in this way!
Michelle C
I was extremely happy with the reading and will definitely look at book Akashic Session reading. Thank you so much and you have helped me immensely.
Fleur Mayne
I love my candles. I love Crown the most, but they are all fabulous!!! The colors and scents are amazing!!! These are by far my favorite candles that I have ever owned! I will be so sad when they are down to the end, but I definitely will be buying more!
Im so glad I found Careen on ig and had the opportunity to participate in her month long transformative mentorship. Our time together has helped me see myself and my needs more clearly, decipher how my system naturally orients, gain strategies to be flexible & process as I flow through my day and help me see that my selfcare journey is a necessary part of restoring and fueling myself. I highly recommend this mentorship or any of Careen's services, every time I spend time with her I gain new insight
Dr. Jackie

Who I am

— Careen, Reiki Master, Akashic Counselor, Shamanic Guide, Professional Tarot Reader, channel & founder.
My name is Careen (obv, I think) and I am from Philadelphia. I chose to incarnate into a life that would be full of lessons. Abandonment, addiction, intense grief, mother wound, and much, much more. The tragic murder of my sister catapulted me into a dark night of the soul, that inevitably landed me into my first major Awakening when I left substances behind. As someone who comes from a gifted maternal line, I always *knew* I had gifts, but I wasn't sure what they were. My mothers line was gifted but it manifested in very dark, toxic ways. I was raised Catholic by my father, who taught me what it was to have a deep connection to God. However, I was never exposed to or taught how to really tap into the non-physical until I went through intense initiations and de-programmed fear based religious concepts. My relationship (or lack of) with my mother was always a huge driving force in my life. Having my own two beautiful children, who also faced some health issues, added to my maternal force to break the cycle - which led me to my business name. Careen of Cups is a spin off of Queen of Cups, a nurturing, maternal, psychic and intuitive female energy. This card also heavily focuses on mothering your own inner child, which in my opinion, of us have to do to a degree - some more than others. Fast forward to my mother dying tragically in September of 2022, my entire world shifted and my gifts expanded even further, through yet another dark night of the soul. Though these times in life may be challenging (to say the least) they are shadow periods that are extremely necessary to our expansion on the other side - avoiding it will get you nowhere fast. This leads me to my mission and purpose, to help people navigate their own shadow and bring it to healing in the Light. We can "love and light" and that is nice, but it's often not enough. To ignore the impact our subconscious mind (shadow) has on our conscious mind (day to day thoughts and actions) is a detriment to any one's healing. When you work with me, I will go deep and I will be honest, and then I will guide you on how to alchemize your struggle, trauma, and karmic ties to serve your highest good. This is something I have learned through various continuing education and certifications, as well as a lifetime of experience and dedication to my own Alchemy. As the sun sets, the night falls - and the Sun will always rise again.

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All major credit cards, as well as Venmo or CashApp are accepted. Your safe and secure transaction will guarantee your reserved healing exchange. Refunds are not given for services completed. Live 1:1 sessions have their own reschedule/cancelation policy that can be found in the description of the booking page.

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